Vaults of Vaarn #3

£7.00 - £15.00
  • Vaults of Vaarn #3

Vaults of Vaarn returns for a third issue of science-fantasy RPG content, providing further support for referees who wish to set their game in the blue deserts at the very end of time. Issue three focuses on the Vaarnish Interior, the endless sand-sea that intimidates even the hardy souls who live in the dry and dangerous badlands.

Includes: Information on three of the cultures that exist in the deepest of Vaarn's deserts, travel procedures, a dynamic weather generator, and an extensive regional map generator with more than twenty random tables, allowing referees to quickly create desert ruins, settlements, anomalies, underground vaults, holy sites, Vaarnish graves, Cacklemaw dens, Hegemony outposts, Faa nomad campsites, and more.

ALSO AVAILABLE: A rare collectable Vaults of Vaarn cassette tape, containing a full album of original Vaarn-themed music by Out On Our Own. Also includes digital download code.

The zine is illustrated throughout with evocative black and white line-art. Printed in black and white on 120 gsm uncoated paper, with colour covers.